“ Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live “
– John Rohn.

The Ultimate Detox

This is a fully comprehensive program that is specifically designed to your individual needs. Queenstown naturopathy and the detox lounge are proud to offer the combined skills of a experienced naturopath and a private professional colonic irrigation facility.

The ultimate detox involves top quality practitioner only supplements and herbs combined with colonic irrigation’s, naturopathic consultations, comprehensive meal planners, shopping lists and diet booklets.

Talk to Emma Pearce or Sarah Somerville (4418436), today for more information.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

  • Have you tried countless weight loss diets but failed to get results?
  • Ever wondered why weight loss diets are often unsuccessful?
  • Do you know how to switch on your body’s natural fat burning process?

It is time to answer these important questions.

Talk to us for one of the most scientifically advanced and effective fat loss programs there is.

Ketoslim helps to overcome many of the problems associated with these programs and finally enables you to lose weight and keep it off.