“I have been attending Emma Pearce for five years for massage and naturopathy and have found her efforts and cheerful personality excellent and a major factor in maintaining mobility and quality of life into my old age.

Sincerely Irene Adamson


“Emma has been my massage therapist over a period of 5 years, and has also helped me through 2 pregnancies with naturopathy and diet based remedies. I have always found Emma to be warm, friendly and easy to talk to, whilst at the same time maintaining a professional and confidential relationship. I highly recommend Emma – she knows her stuff, she accesses the latest techniques and treatments, and she works well with people.”

Julie Johnston


“Thank you soo much…… After Years and years of feeling uncomfortable, then a visit to the doctor – who mentioned that I needed to  correct my behaviours, before I follow the path of my family history of diabetes, high blood pressure the list goes on.
I decided to get in touch with Emma, who helped me come to terms with myself and my body’s behaviours and ensured me that everything was correctable. With Emma’s help I learnt to respect myself and the foods I ate. This took two years to come to terms with, my journey was very very hard. Lots of temptations every where.
During my regular visits to Emma, we discovered that I had a large digestive issues, mostly through introduction of foods. I had, had enough of the trying to figure it out myself and so Emma suggested that I have an Allergy test, It was the best investment I made in terms of my health.
We found that due to my previous trashy diets and avoiding essential nutrients my digestive system had shut down and  according to the blood test I had made myself semi allergic to 90% of the foods I ate….. I had gone from eating junk savoury and sweet foods to what I called the “one food group diet” E.g..  eggs for an entire week – just because I had read that they were good for you.   Emma then recommended that I will have to re-introduce foods again slowly into my system – similarly to that of a babies diet. Along side taking a course of a detox cleanse herbs. Named the Rotation Diet.

The first few weeks were a complete nightmare having to write down everything that I ate to monitor exactly the time and place and how I felt after 1 hour. Now 2.5 years on its become second nature and I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. I am now consistent with my eating habits and with the addition of regular exercise I no long suffer from being on the border of diabetes or high blood pressure, Within this time I have also lost 18kgs but I also no that I will never go back there again.

I still see Emma regularly and continually monitor my progress. I just want to get stronger and stronger, setting small goals along the way and achieving them.”

Smita Shah